Tea Deli

Snack Complect

Three sweets on skewers made of liquorice elder, mint-chocolate, pistachio. Darjeling Organic Black Tea
Three custard pastries - onion marmalade, green olives cream, cheese Camembert with grapes pickled in tangerine oil. Jercba maate
Three almond cookies - gooseberry, strawberry, cherry. Green tea Orchard, Organic Rooibos Magica Tea


Ibo Oat-milk Panna Cotta Ibo with fresh raspberries and hazelnut crumbs. “Summer Garden” Green Tea
Sheep milk Panna Cotta with smoked beetroot and blackcurrant balm jelly. Puer Tea
Mini cheesecake with rhubarb and mint in strawberry mirror-like glace icing. Dark Ulun tea, green tea with mint
Sorrel cheesecake with caramel biscuit and dried strawberries. Ulun Tea
Burned on the fire Lapland cheese with sea sand thorn marmalade and young shoots of pine. Green Tea
Lavender chocolate mini brownie with Maraschino cherry. Darjeling Organic Black Tea
Chicory pastry cream and rye crisps with Yanov Daugmale honey. Black tea
Carrot and beetroot sponge cake with orange and ginger candied fruits and walnuts. Rooibos Magica Tea
Tea Pot


For each of the snacks


Collection of three snacks


Tea ceremony with a tea master till 2 pm

(previous reservation required)
up to 15 people

150,00 €