The development of the restaurant “EQUUS” started before 3 months, when we first met the management, designers and kitchen planners to discuss the concept, standards and the challenge to create a hotel and a restaurant in the Latvian and Baltic hospitality market with a completely new vision and unique product.

After a short while also the manager Mr. Peteris Ozols joined our team and as we soon became friends and shared the same views, the new restaurant team was born. Together we forged the name for the restaurant (which was formed thanks to an old legend about our building, where stables of the famous Baron Munchausen were located, and we named it in Latin, as Pullman hotels have cosmopolite ambience and the restaurant name in Latin – "Equus" seemed to fit the best for its ambience and style), logo, design elements, tableware and their colours, concept details and merged it with our creativity, energy and worked with our soul and all knowledge. The creative process was and still is full of positive innovation and thinking out of the box, however, we observe the highest standards of service and cooking, as well as technologies.

The kitchen of our restaurant is in Latvian style with a slight Scandinavian touch, as this presents my experience of 20 years in cooking. That is my inspiration and enthusiasm, which I know well. I think it characterises me as a cook and as a person. This spirit lives not only in food, but also continues its flow in patterns on our glass doors, tableware, menus and design elements.

The Icelandic thuja and leaves on leather tablemats is not just a beautiful element, there is a philosophy and reasoning behind it. First of all, it is a symbol of life, prosperity and harmony, which connotes with the Scandinavian quiet, not as generous as in the East, while very beautiful nature, colours are peaceful, winds are strong and summers are short. People are with strong characters, and they love this nature and think of gentle use of its resources, and this philosophy vibrates throughout the air and reaches deep into your soul. On the other side, the thuja is a symbol of our Tapastry by Pullman, as tapas are many small starters, which are divided in different groups just as branches of a tree, and on each of these branches, there are various tastes as leaves, so that everybody can find the most pleasing and dear type of food. Then the concept of our restaurant s continued with Tea Deli by Pullman, were sweet and sour tastes interact with tea from different countries and plants, thus creating harmony and taste variety offered by the tea master Mr. Jury Podusov.

Two months before the opening we worked hard each day at each element of the restaurant with a help of invited specialists, and in the end we have: ceramic tableware from ceramics factory “Raunas Ceplis”, menu covers from Daiļrade, tablemats, employee uniforms from Jokado Julija Janusand many other details that resulted in a great outcome. We would like to thank our cooperation partners: Gemoss – for assistance in creation of the name and planning and timely delivery of a large tableware order; to the designer and photographer Ms Lauma Kalniņa for her creative mind and fast development of our logo; to all partners in food and drinks delivery and Latvian farmers for their help and proper cooperation at development of food and drinks menu.

Also our team is very special: first, these are all professionals we have worked with for several years, meaning, that we think alike and we have a common goal and attitude towards work. Each member of our team is a personality with a high level experience and willingness for growth and, most importantly, to offer the best products and experience to our guests. Having all together solved some technical difficulties, that are impossible to avoid, when opening a new restaurant, our team prepared and opened the restaurant in time and high level, and therefore we are thankful to our team.