Tea deli

"Tea Deli Riga - Gorgeous environment for cosy and pleasant tea drinking"


Tea Deli tea house offers to its guests more than 20 types of exclusive teas. Suitable clay tea sets are prepared for a number of the most popular types of tea, along with well-matched snacks. The wide range of tea tastes from the whole world is gathered and offered by the knowledgeable tea specialist Jury Podusov.

Jury is an explorer of tea cultures. He has started to create public events, that contribute to knowledge of the society regarding tea. He merges the traditional beauty of tea preparation with a speech communication diplomacy.

J.S. Podusov has created in Latvia the National championship “Tea Masters Cup”. Now this is an international competition among the tea industry specialists. The Tea Masters Cup includes events in three categories. Tea preparation. Tea composition. Tea degustation.
The purpose of the Tea Masters Cup is to promote development of high tea culture traditions, including consumption of tea. To grow career image in the tea industry. To grow status of tea among consumers.
J. S. Podusov is also an idea man at the tea event creation agency „XchAi Riga”. An international tea master’s organisation, that supports professional events, for instance, public holidays, sports events, business meetings, culture events, etc.

Tea Deli concept at an Old Town hotel Pullman Riga Old Town.
It includes everything related to tea drinking. Everything about tea diplomacy. Various types. Various styles. Teas from all around the world. Rest for travellers. Art of tea preparation. Tea ceremonies.

Tea school „Red Seal Tea”
Jury S. Podusov is a senior mentor on „Tea praxis department. Tea drinking culture”